Community is Our Currency

GETS Plus believes that mutually-owned digital currencies hold powerful potential to
help communities unlock unappreciated assets – especially in times of economic challenge.

We provide the technical & practical knowledge on how to transform these assets into New Revenue.





Learn the standards needed to operate a sustainable credit-clearing system built for future generations.

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Prepare for success by implementing standards with a sound plan to help protect your local marketplace.

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Create and grow a digital currency system that taps into the wealth of your community and rewards loyalty.

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Enhance your local marketplace by initiating GETS Procurement Planning to help keep trade local and secure. 

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Stewarding a Culture

GETS Plus believes that Mutually-Owned Digital Currency hold powerful potential to help communities unlock unappreciated assets – especially in times of economic challenge.

GETS Plus is stewarding a culture that promotes sustainable, Mutually-Owned Digital Currencies that is back by the community themselves.

When a strong community gets behind a good idea, good things can happen, especially when they Unite, Trust and Exchange. 

But just as important is making those good things matter and making them last. It has to go beyond just a novel idea or a cool marketing pitch. This is particularly true when establishing a currency.

BENEFIT Highlights

  • Designed to Support SME's
  • Designed to Keep Trade Local
  • Regional Exchange System (RES)
  • Monetising Unsold Capacity
  • Rewarding Loyal Customers
  • Make larger Donations  to charities
  • Access to O% Interest Free Credit
  • B2B Trade Exchange Networks
  • B2C Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Designed to Collect Bad Debts
  • Designed to Trade out of Trouble
  • Designed to Generate More Profits
  • Transforming Unsold into New Revenue
  • Strengthening Community Commerce
  • Promoting Mutually Owned Exchanges
  • Helping Local Relations & Networks
  • Designed to Move Excess Inventory
  • Designed to Generate More Sales
  • Designed to Generate More Cash

What We Believe

Let us share our vision with you.
Our passion is guiding communities, local networks, big and small to develop strong and trusted mutual credit clearing systems where the value created ripples through but is contained within their local  community.

When starting a local currency many believe that possessing the right  technology is the key, but that’s only part of the challenge.

We believe that it is important to operate with accepted high standards of practice, and shared ownership and mutual responsibility.

GETS Plus vision is committed in guiding communities to achieve these high standards.


Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies 

The underlying assumptions, frameworks, and institutions of our economy often go unquestioned, and one of the least understood pieces of the economic puzzle is money itself. Money and currency are critical leverage points for a sustainable local economy, and city leaders can do a lot to direct resources and initiatives that will enhance the quality of life in their communities by developing new forms of exchange. 

Beyond money and currency lies the role of capital; the book also explores the wide array of capital that communities need to build: natural, social, human, institutional, cultural, built, technological, financial, and others to shepherd the power of the economy to the service of a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable society.


Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World  

A brilliantly clear-sighted analysis of how on-going money innovations in dozens of countries around the world are proving that they can resolve key societal problems such as: jobless growth, community breakdown,  the economic consequences of an aging society, the conflict between short-term financial thinking and long-term sustainability, and monetary instability itself.  This book provides pragmatic solutions to each one of these issues.

The debate it will create will be a contentious and passionate one.  Lietaer starting point is that money is only an agreement within a community to use something as a medium of exchange.  This agreement is being placed under an unprecedented strain, due to a wide range of factors (from the creation of cybermoney and currency speculation to social and political issues).

One From Many

VISA and the Rise of Charordic Organization

"We must conceive of and help implement wholly new forms of ownership, financial systems, and measurements, free of the attempt to monetize all values that bind (us) to next quarter’s bottom line, gross maldistribution of wealth and power, degradation of people, and desolation of the ecosphere, or our stories will be increasingly immoral and destructive".

Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus of VISA 

The End of Money...

...and The Future of Civilization. 

Like the proverbial fish who doesn't know what water is, we swim in an economy built on money that few of us comprehend, and, most definitely, what we don't know is hurting us.

Very few people realize that the nature of money has changed profoundly over the past three centuries, or--as has been clear with the latest global financial crisis--the extent to which it has become a political instrument used to centralize power, concentrate wealth, and subvert popular government.

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. is a community and monetary economist